2021 VPA News and Advertising Contest

Public Safety Writing ( Daily Group 1)Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: The News Leader
    Entry Title: 33 years for an unloaded BB gun; one-man police force
    Entry Credit: Brad Zinn
    Judge Comment: Three strong stories in this entry, particularly the two on the mandatory minimum sentence of 33 years for 15-year-old. Reporters can gain a lot of traction by getting someone to trust them, an clearly the reporter has done that. Well written, good color and scene-setting of prison and the backstory of his troubled youth. Well done.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Martinsville Bulletin
    Entry Title: Public safety articles by Bill Wyatt
    Entry Credit: Bill Wyatt
    Judge Comment: Good breaking news coverage on fatal shooting. Star of the entry is the detailed report into the frustrated prosecutor in story of husband shooting his wife. You can almost hear the frustration from him, while also painting the difficult picture of a chaotic scene.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Northern Virginia Daily
    Entry Title: Charles Paullin Public Safety Writing
    Entry Credit: Charles Paullin
    Judge Comment: None